Modern Classicisms seeks to engage, motivate and inspire – and across traditional disciplinary parameters. With this in mind, the project is running a competition, open to all students and staff at King’s College London and the Courtauld Institute of Art. Working with the Cultural Institute at King’s, we invite entries that respond to the ‘Modern Classicisms’ theme, and showcase creativity, originality and innovation.

The competition offers cash prizes that total over £500. A selection of entries will feature in the spring 2018 Bush House exhibition. And a high-profile jury (made up of artists, curators and academics) will decide the winners.

For more information, and to submit entries, please visit

The remit:

The legacy of classical Greek and Roman antiquity is all around us – not least here in London: in our buildings, in our galleries, even in modern-day advertising. The stories of classical mythology have shaped our modern self-understanding; classical statues have moulded ideas about what our bodies are or should be; likewise, the classical past has been exploited for various ideological ends – in fashioning ideas about class, for example, and not least about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ art.

But what does this legacy mean to you? What do you understand the ‘classical’ to be? Where do you see its influences? How do you respond to it? Is the classical something beautiful, or oppressive? Is it something to celebrate, or something to subvert and challenge? 

We invite entries that reflect on these and other questions, exploring the legacy of ‘classical’ Greek and Roman antiquity – whether as ideal, antitype or spur for reflection.

Entries can be made in any medium that lends itself for display – including e.g. painting/drawing, small-scale sculpture, photography, film or poetry/short prose. We are looking for entries that are innovative, creative and original, and across the full spectrum of different academic schools, faculties and departments.

To find out more, and for details on how to enter the competition, please visit the King’s Cultural Institute website here.


Outside of King’s and the Courtauld, but want to get involved?

Check out enter our sister competition, organised by the University of Leicester and Classical Association: ‘Artefact to Art‘! Modern Classicisms is working in proud partnership with the Artefact to Art project; that project includes a separate competition, and welcomes entries from both adults (over 18 years) and children (under 11 years and 11–18 years) alike.