Flyers for the Cultural Institute’s Student and Staff Competition – collect the Set!

The Modern Classicisms launch is nearly upon us and, following talks from artists, writers, scholars and critics, we want to see what the theme has inspired in you. The project is therefore running a competition in partnership with the Cultural Institute at King’s.

The competition offers the opportunity for King’s College London and the Courtauld Institute of Art students and staff to showcase their own personal responses to the theme of Modern Classicisms. What does this legacy mean? What do you understand the ‘classical’ to be? Where do you see its influences? How do you respond to it? Is the classical something beautiful, or oppressive? Is it something to celebrate, or something to subvert and challenge?

Our student ambassadors have been working on flyers that will soon be gracing the KCL and Courtauld campuses, offering a variety of provocations about the Modern Classicisms theme. Drawn from fashion catwalks, through comic books to contemporary galleries and science, the flyers show how the classical is not restricted to highfalutin artistic creativity. Instead, the competition seeks to probe the diverse pool of expertise available throughout our campuses and encourage innovative responses in a variety of media, subjects and forms.

After some technical difficulties and several attempts at formatting (third time lucky!), the flyers are now – finally! – ready for their public appearance, and we will be trying to bring them to as many campuses as possible. If you are interested in the project, then do stop by for a chat about the competition or Modern Classicisms project. Indeed, if you think you are not interested, stop by for a chat anyway: you might find the classical in unexpected places.

You can also see the flyers featuring in the ‘HIS’ and ‘HERS’ display cabinets at the entrance to the King’s Building of the Strand Campus.

For more specific information on the competition and how to apply visit or email Also don’t forget to check out our sister project at the University of Leicester, Artefact to Art.